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Terms of Service

Article 1 [Purpose]

These terms and conditions are OOOO Company (E-Commerce Operator called "Company" below)Internet-related services provided by OOOO shopping malls (hereinafter referred to as "mall") operated by the(hereinafter referred to as "service")The purpose of the service is to define the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the cyber mall and users."Even E-commerce using PC communication, wireless etc. is subject to this agreement unless it is contrary to its nature.

Article 2 Definition

"Mall" means a virtual business place where a "Company" is set up to trade goods and services using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide goods or services (hereinafter referred to as "goods, etc.") to users. And also as a means of operating a cyber mall.

"User" means members and non-members who access the "Mall" and receive the services provided by "Mall" under these terms and conditions.

"Member" means a person who has registered as a member of the "Mall" and who can continue to use the services provided by the Mall.

'Non-member "means a person who uses the services provided by the Mall without joining the membership.

Article 3. Explanation and revision of terms, etc.

"Mall" shall be posted on the initial service screen (front page) of the cyber mall to make it easier for users to know the contents of these terms and conditions, the location address of the sales office (including the address of the place where consumers can handle complaints), the telephone number of the telephone number, the address of the pre-delivery number, the business registration number of the business, and the person in charge of personal information management. However, the contents of the terms and conditions can be viewed by the user through a connected screen.

"Before the user agrees to the terms and conditions, "Mall" shall request the user's confirmation by providing a separate connected screen or pop-up screen to enable the user to understand important contents set out in the Agreement, such as withdrawal of subscription, delivery responsibility, and refund conditions.

"Mall" may amend these terms to the extent that they do not violate relevant laws, such as the "Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce", the "Electronic Document and Electronic Transactions Act", the "Electronic Signature Act", the "Act on Promotion of Information Network Utilization and Information Protection", the "Act on Visit Sales", and the "Consumer Main Act."

1. If "mall" amends the terms and conditions, it shall be notified on the initial screen of the mall from 7 days before the application date to the application date before the application date, specifying the application date and the reason for the revision. However, if the contents of the agreement are changed against the user, the notice shall be made after a grace period of at least 30 days. In this case, "Mall" clearly compares the pre-revision and post-revision content to make it easier for users to understand.

If "mall" amends the terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the amendment shall apply only to contracts after the application date, and to contracts already concluded before that date, the terms and conditions of the amendment shall not apply. However, if a user who has already signed a contract sends a message to the "mall" within the notice period of the amended agreement under paragraph 3, the amended agreement clause shall apply.

1. Matters not set forth in this Agreement and interpretations of these Terms shall be in accordance with the consumer protection laws, regulations, etc. concerning consumer protection in e-commerce, and the consumer protection guidelines in e-commerce, as provided by the Fair Trade Commission, and the related statutes or practices.

Article 4 Providing and Changing Services

1. "Mall" performs the following duties:

- Provide information on goods or services and conclude purchase contracts

- Delivery of goods or services with a purchase contract

- Other tasks defined by "mall"


2. "Mall" may change the contents of a good or service to be provided under a future contract, for example, in the event of a product or service being sold out or technical specifications being changed. In this case, immediately notifies the contents of the current goods or services to the place where they are posted, specifying the changed goods or services and the delivery date.

3. If the contents of the service contracted with the user by "Mall" are changed for reasons such as out of stock, or changes in technical specifications, such change will be immediately notified to the user at the address where the notice is available.

4. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the "Mall" compensates the user for damages caused by this. However, this is not the case if the "Mall" proves that there is no intention or negligence.


Article 5 Suspension of Service

1. The "mall" may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance, replacement, and failure of information and communication facilities, including computers, and a breakdown of communication.

2. "Mall" shall be liable for damages incurred by the User or a third party due to temporary interruption in the provision of services due to Paragraph (1). However, this does not apply if the "Mall" proves that it is not intentional or negligent.

3. In the event that the service cannot be provided due to the conversion of business items, abandonment of business or integration among businesses, "mall" shall be notified to the user by the method prescribed in Article 8 and shall compensate the consumer according to the conditions originally set forth in "mall." However, if the "mall" does not notify the compensation criteria, the users' mileage or reserves shall be paid in kind or cash equivalent to the currency value used in the "mall."