Every field has its pioneer I think our is on verse of development that there are people who take the challenges and dream about the future. Our company was founded with such motto of trust and innovation.


PINGTECH is a ping-pong related products company. We operate ping-pong speciality mall and develop IOT-based training devices, softwares and various contents for ping-pong community.
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Company GOAL
Happy World of Ping-Pong.
Power of small will change the world.


Introducing PingTech’s various products

We want to be an expert in the
area which prioritizes customer
satisfaction, rather than just
being a big company.

  • Address : 2F, 41, Keunbangnimgil, Nam gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea, PINGTECH
  • TEL : +82-07-4118-8989|FAX : +82-62-222-0235
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